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Thank you for considering us In this journey

Thank you for considering us In this journey

Jeff Paige is a creative, generating music that uplifts and brings people together.  Your support allows us to continue bringing people together through events, meetings, interviews and live and streaming performances.  Membership gives you access to additional content that you likely won't get anywhere else.  Items that are membership exclusive.  You'll receive things such as, membership only discounts, access to Free stuff, Special live streaming events, BEHIND the Behind the scenes footage, exclusive sneak peak and unreleased music streams (streams and clips).  Access to things prior to public release, and giveaways that will ONLY be available to members of this Elite group.

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Supporter (Level1)


Truly show that you care about what we're creating and we'll show you some appreciation too.  Your name will be added to our Supporters page, showing the world you are here for us.  You will have access to Sneak Peaks and Unreleased music.  Receive updates and and access to new music prior to general public.  Pre-save and pre-order opportunities for new releases as well.  And don't forget the BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT during the Live Stream that falls on your birthday month.

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432hzFREQ (Level 2)


You're kicking it up a notch and showing that you're serious about us. You will receive everything the Supporter receives plus a 10% discount in the Store for any merch. Also, you will receive a free (surprise) item after your 1 year mark.

Let the FREQ out

Unicorn (Level 3)


You have come into the ELITE class.  You can choose the amount you'd like to donate.  This group will get the same perks as a Supporter and 432hz FREQ AS WELL AS a 20% discount in the store for merch.  Also, the Unicorn will receive exclusive access to a secret page only for the ELITE.  This page will have additional content that can only be accessed by Level 3 and above.

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Board of Directors (Level4)


This is the highest level of support.  There is no limit on the amount which you can donate.  Members of this tier will get the same benefits as the Supporter, 432hz FREQ and Unicorn, PLUS a 30% discount for merch.  Your name will be added to the website as a Board Member, mentioned during Live Stream Events.  Special LIVE stream events for BOARD members which include but not limited to Song Selection Process and other amazing opportunities.  Access to many unfinished, unrefined or in process CONCEPTS in order to participate and give feedback in the creation process of the songs, your name added as special thanks in the liner notes for various Album or CD releases.  You will also have the opportunity to advertise your business at shows and on Live Stream events AND 2 FREE TICKETS to select events throughout the year (once we are able to go public again).  You also will have free access our "pay to access" LIVE Streaming shows. (Unless they are specifically paid private shows).  So basically, you get ALL the BELLS and WHISTLES as you walk with us through this journey.

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